We Need A Preseason Too

NFL teams need training camps and a preseason slate of games to prepare for the upcoming season–we need our own preseason too.  With 8 games in the first 19 days of the season, we don’t have the luxury of learning on the go.

Tailgate32 at WorkJust as a team needs a playbook, so do we.

Teams need contingency plans to deal with injuries.  We need to be prepared to handle a flat tire or a sick crew member.

A coach needs to establish a weekly routine–days off, regular unit meetings, team dinners.  We need a weekly routine too–consistent production and release of videos, established driving shifts, media interviews.

A coach prepares game plans, sometimes scripting the first couple of drives.  We’ll need a regular game-day schedule too– arrival at the stadium, tailgate setup, cooking the food and, most importantly, when and how long to interview the fans and record B-roll.

Teams need to be cohesive and there must be familiarity and trust among all members.  Just the same we need to be confident in our crew and everyone needs to understand their roles and trust each other.

Just like a football player, I’d rather make a mistake in the preseason than when it counts.  So, let’s take a look at what’s on our preseason schedule.

  • Friday, August 3 - Family Fest at Soldier Field
  • Saturday, August 4 – Colts City at Anderson University
  • Sunday, August 5 – Hall of Fame Game in Canton, OH
  • Tuesday, August 7 – The UPMC Steeler Experience at Saint Vincent College
  • Wednesday, August 8 – Family Night at Cleveland Browns Stadium

I invite you to come on out and meet the Tailgate32 crew at any of these events.