A Whirlwind Launch

It’s been two days now since we launched our Kickstarter campaign, and we’re pretty happy with the results so far.  Our outreach has mostly been a handful of direct interactions–we’ve been thrilled with how our friends have reached out on our behalf via texts/emails/twitter/phone calls.  They’ve shown tremendous support through Kickstarter pledges, Facebook likes and shares, and Twitter follows.  The numbers as of the 50 hour mark:

  • 44 pledges for a total of $3,042 (>50% of our goal)
  • 192 likes of the Kickstarter campaign
  • 119 likes of our Facebook page
  • 30 Twitter followers (@tailgate_32)

I expect the social media numbers to climb quite rapidly over the next couple of weeks.  Our emphasis has been primarily on pushing people toward the Kickstarter campaign (which is why the campaign itself has more likes than our own Facebook page).

The most interesting thing to come out of the first two days, however, is some of the people who have reached out to us.  Two football content companies (with team-specific sites for every team in the league) have reached out to us to discuss opportunities to collaborate.  While it’s still much too early in these discussions to say what will come of them, we are very encouraged.

If you haven’t made a pledge yet (did you see these awesome shirts?), please hop on over to our Kickstarter campaign now and show your support.